Plastic CNC Routering

Bramur Plastics is a supplier of pre-engineered plastic parts, components and assemblies. Some of the industries that benefit from our ability to work within tight tolerances are those that produce mobility, medical, conveyor, and pulley systems.

Whether your product requires cutting, slotting, drilling, or 3-D profiling, our technicians, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, are ready to add a new dimension to your project.

We Router More Than Just Plastic!

Bramur can provide CNC routered finished parts made from a wide variety of materials including plastic, wood, and metal. We have the capability to cut pieces that are up to 2-inches thick, depending on the material.



Rigid Foam Insulation

Baltic Birch Plywood

Aluminum & Brass

Polyurethane Foam

Bramur Plastics can machine your custom plastic, wood, metal, or foam part to within tight tolerances while meeting your delivery schedules. Whether you require a prototype, short run or larger production run, we are here to help.

Cut to a precise depth, creating pockets when required

Machine chamfers on cut edges

Countersink and counterbore

V-Groove to a specific depth as well as other profiles such as half round

Apply a smooth bullnosed edge around the perimeter of the part

We can create new drawings or modify your existing artwork, and we can accept artwork directly in a variety of formats including JPEG, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW and AutoCAD -- just to name a few. If ever in doubt, please feel free to contact us - we’re here to help.